A review by jesslyntimm
Bleed by Laurie Faria Stolarz


It was a long time ago when I read this book. I had just finished Stolarz's Nightmare series and it had been my absolute favorite at the time so, I think, "This oughta be good". I was so wrooong..

Writers: You know how sometimes you have so many characters in your head that you just love but you either, don't think they fit in a particular story or it's just too many characters? Ever get that feeling? Sometimes I build characters off of cool names I find, kinda like, "Someone NEEDS to have this name, damnit!". Back to my point: Stolarz put WAAAAY too many characters in it. It's like she loved them all, didn't feel like givin' them a huge history but figured they all needed to be in this book together. Almost as if she didn't have the balls to get rid of a few.

I can't say I remember the entire plot or any characters specifically but I do recall being left with questions. I felt like the book was pointless and that the writing was bad.

I don't remember the end very well, but I do know that it ends badly. Who wants to read a crappy book with a crappy ending? This is definitley not one of those I'll-Wait-And-See-If-It-Gets-Better-Towards-The-End books. Don't waste your time.