A review by taisie22
Delirious by Marie Force


Aileen, a cancer survivor and single mother of two children, moves to Los Angeles to be with Kristian, Hollywood producer, friend of her friends, and her new boss. I guess she moved for other reasons, but this is the one she keeps saying. She's met him a few times before and it's insta-love between them. But there's also a lot of drama and melodrama going on.
They're both terrific people, especially Aileen who's a wonderful mom (we're told that a lot, but it does seem to be true). Kristian has a lot of trust issues and is tortured by his past. This relationship should work better, but I was disappointed by all the introspection that seemed more like whining to me.
I like Marie Force's books. I've read most of her Gansett Island and Green Mountain series as well as a couple of her Fatal books. This was the first book in this series I've read, and I just wish there had been more development to the story. It was just an okay read for me.