A review by ipekreading
Liar, Dreamer, Thief by Maria Dong


Are you in need of a very unique psychological thriller/mystery with mental health rep?
Katrina Kim is a college dropout with a dead-end job and OCD that's not too well managed. A co-worker that she has been obsessed with to almost a point of stalking turns out to also be stalking her and commits suicide right after blaming her for it. Katrina soon realizes not only did she not know too much about her co-worker, but her own reality is also questionable.

This book was quite the wild-ride. I not only loved the portrayal of Katrina's OCD and her coping mechanisms, but she was one of my favorite unreliable narrators to date. Her unreliableness was naive as she questioned her sanity and my heart broke for her. Dong also had incredibly vivid descriptions of the dream world Katrina imagined and I was convinced that the fictional book that inspired Katrina's hallucinations must be real. I really enjoyed the distinctive voice Dong brought to the thriller-space and I'm very curious to see what she writes next.

I listened to most of the novel thanks to the ALC i received from LibroFM. I thought the audiobook made the dream world even more immersive and I didn't want to stop listening!

Thank you so much to LibroFM and Hachette Audio for the ALC, Grand Central Pub for the ARC.