A review by sikata
Lucifer Book One by Mike Carey


I read Sandman and loved it. Lucifer is a spin off of the series.

Since am not a major comic book junkie, I am not one to decide on the art and prints. The question is - have you seen the TV show 'Lucifer'? Well, if you have and -
a) Loved it - then do read this comic too because it's completely different from the show so far.
b) Hated it - well read it! It's DIFFERENT! 😁

The comics is dark (well it's Vertigo after all) and I loved it.
Supernatural + dark =

The show is like candy land compared to the comics. Lucifer in the comic is cold, calculative, ruthless and committed in his hatred for heaven. He doesn't interfere unless it doesn't serve any purpose.
Mazikeen is loyal and badass. Similar to the show but more cold and ruthless. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to seek it.
Amenadiel on the other hand is completely different too. Completely different from the show. He's decisive, relentless and no "Lucy" calling crap in this comics. Nah uh.
A MUST READ if you love fantasy, supernatural, blood and gore and not to mention a self obsessed, cold and daunting character.