A review by sortabadass
Tales from Fish Camp by Danielle Henderson


We all have those little bragging rights that we try to sneak into conversation with someone new. My not-so-secret fun fact is that I was born in Naknek, Alaska and at age 19 worked on a salmon boat there. Henderson's book takes place around the same time in Naknek. While I was out on the waters of Bristol Bay, she was working in one of the many canneries which processed our catches.

This book is a series of vignettes describing Henderson's seven months in the cannery. It does a good job of capturing the half-drunk exhausted elation that provides the backdrop for the salmon season. Pop-culture references peppered throughout the stories contrast well with the dated, filthy, industrial feel of a fish camp.

I think I would have liked this book a little more if I hadn't spent time in Bristol Bay. It is a good introduction to the hectic, fun-loving sleeplessness of an Alaskan fishing summer.

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