A review by emiann2023
Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza


The beginning almost made me want to drop this book. There was too much unfamiliar language and it was overwhelming. There were also some obvious plot twists that I won't go into detail on for spoilers sake.

But, things did really pick up, and I like how this story didn't follow the blurb in the way that I expected it to. And the deaths were well written and in one important case, unexpected. And the writing was well done, for the most part. A few idioms felt out of place, but it was nothing major.

I guess my biggest issue with this book is that it actually rushed too much. Particularly in the beginning where I was just too confused. If the second book takes a little more time to lay out situations and explain alien concepts and odd time jumps, the story could really benefit.

Overall this was an interesting story, and I look forward to what the next installment brings.