A review by motherhorror
The Road That Takes You There by Jason Sechrest


You guys all know that I just adore short stories. You also know that I'm utter trash for a short, HORROR story with heart.
I saw Jason Sechrest tweet that he had this short story published today (March 1st, 2019) and I just had to see if the story was as fetching as that cover! (I also love a well designed cover).
This story's protagonist is George Tinker--a somewhat grumpy old man that mumbles aloud to his dead wife, Martha.
I love when a short story immediately brings a character to life and gets me invested. Sechrest clearly takes to heart the old Stephen King adage that, "Good books don't give all their secrets at once."
The author takes his time unpacking the all the emotions buried in this tale.
Vivid descriptive language paints the perfect backdrop to this touching snapshot of a man pondering his life at the end of the road.
One of those short stories that's so much meatier and weighty than the total sum of its pages.
I hope Jason has more!