A review by phoenixfaie
Rules for Thursday Lovers by Yana Stajno


I genuinely had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I signed up for the bookstagram tour for “Rules for Thursday lovers” but my god this novel was what I was needing.

Hilarious and unbelievable, yet I was still hooked on Angie’s and Fiona’s antics.
Although I did find myself actually feeling sorry for them both a little- both marriages were clearly struggling.

I did notice a fair few typos throughout the novel but that did not put me off too much.
I found that jumping between characters in the chapters was quite confusing, maybe a page break could have been used to make it clear that we were reading about a different character.

Speaking of characters, I’m not sure who my favourite was, it’s a tie between Jake and Derek. In a perfect world I would have liked the characters to have been more fleshed out, but this was a fun quick read none the less.

I won’t lie, you may sit there and think that this novel is so far-fetched, there were definitely chapters that had me chuckling with how silly some sections were, but it was still incredibly amusing and I would find myself giggling for a while.

Ideal for relaxing by the pool in summer or sitting in for a cosy evening by the fire in the winter.