A review by especiallybooks
Aftershock by Judy Melinek, T. J. Mitchell


This was my first adventure with Jessie Teska and I really enjoyed the story. Jessie is called to investigate a body found at a local construction site. But the man is discovered to have been murdered prior to the "accident". The setting is San Francisco and the author amps up the action with a twist when an earthquake hits the city. We find out a bit about Jessie's personal life as well. It's a good continuing entry in a police procedural series. I downgraded it a bit because I felt the characters are a bit unlikeable in this one. Jessie fights a lot with her "boyfriend" and has a one-night stand which further complicates matters. I'm not certain I will continue with the series, but it was an interesting listen.

Thank you to libro.fm for the advanced listening copy.