A review by kerrythefire
The Favor by Suzanne Wright

emotional lighthearted medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character


Hard to know how to review this book. Hard to describe the book and my experience with it. 

I liked it. I liked both MCs well enough and their love story kept me engaged. The doubt and misunderstandings the FMC had, especially re the MMC's feelings were believable, not annoying, given who he was. I think the first person POV helped keep the relationship interesting because we as readers also didn't know what was in the MMC's head, we only had the FMC's thoughts and observations to go off of.

It was probably longer than it needed to be but it also kinda worked. The pacing didn't feel slow or off, I think the author just gave us full scenes and dialogue that other books often skip over, but not it a way that dragged the story down. It just felt like we were observing things in a more real and linear timeline than other stories that employ big time jumps.

Despite the whole fake marriage trope, the conniving side characters, and some heavier topics and the main characters' backstories, this book felt like a moderate-conflict and moderate angst level book. Maybe because it was a bunch of smaller conflict points that popped up throughout the story and got resolved fairly quickly vs. a long build up to just one big conflict. 

This book could have been high angst, high conflict, high emotion and dark, but somehow it wasn't... I wouldn't go so far to say it was cozy, but it was kind of an easy read (or in my case listen). Good spice too!

Definitely check the content warnings. Most of the triggery content is part of the MCs backstories and described through character dialogue. 

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