A review by northernfleabag
The Infernal Device by Michael Kurland


I really began to enjoy this book when I was able to read it at length, i think I've grown fond enough of Kurland's Moriarty to pick up the other books in the series.
I'm interested in the past relationship between Moriarty and Holmes that Kurland's hints at (I'm a big fan of authors interpretations), it seems a great way for him to keep his readership; if he carries it over to the other novels that is, which I sincerely hope so. It was also one of the few books that made me favour Moriarty over Holmes, it wasn't that the two simply switched places but presented them in roles I've rarely come across: the disgraced mathematics professor and Holmes as his ex-student with an unknown cause for vengeance. The trope seems popular enough, I guess I just must be missing them.
It was good to be on the other side of Holmes interferences for once, and to be made to feel as though Holmes really was the "busybody" he was reputed to be, Moriarty's maturity (as both an elder man and ex-teacher) shows through in scenes such as these; especially those when the subject of truce between the two is raised.