A review by jerrica
Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz


Pasted from an angry Facebook comment that I posted:

She put a nice twist in there with the Ben/Adam thing, I must say. Though I kind of suspected something along those lines.

Other than that I have to rely on the suspense to keep going because the dialogue is SO BAD I WANT TO DIE. Kimmie and Wes get more insufferable every page, as does Ben and Adam and her mom (Strike while the iron is hot) and dad and Alexia's diary entries, as well as her teachers and Spencer. I think that covers everyone. Oh, Kimmie's family including her little brother Nate. And Debbie Marcus. And everyone at Camelia's school. AND CAMELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my freaking god someone shut that girl up. Give her a muzzle, give her back to Matt, DO SOMETHING. She's such a stupid whiner (Adam is sooo nice but Ben makes me swoon like on the cover of romance novels) and constantly putting her life in danger I don't even care anymore when she sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet her little vampire-inspired boycrush. And if I were her, my friends would be pretty freaking sick of all my drama, but it seems as though her, Kimmie, and Wes talk about pretty much nothing else!


That was when I had about twenty pages to go. It didn't really get any better from there. The book had a climax of about 2 pages and then it was done. Whoop de doo. Unfortunately I want to hear about Camelia's extremely unlucky life so I probably will end up reading the third one...the only thing this author is really good at is getting you addicted to the story. Freaking...