A review by sunnybopeep
Again, Dangerous Visions, by James B. Hemesath, Joanna Russ, Harlan Ellison, Ken McCullough, Ray Faraday Nelson, Gahan Wilson, Kate Wilhelm, Robin Scott, T.L. Sherred, Ursula K. Le Guin, A. Parra, David Gerrold, M. John Harrison, Burt K. Filer, Andrew Weiner, Chad Oliver, Lee Hoffman, Piers Anthony, Judith Ann Lawrence, James Blish, Gregory Benford, Leonard Tushnet, Gene Wolfe, Andrew J. Offutt, Edward Bryant, Ben Bova, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard A. Lupoff, Joan Bernott, H.H. Hollis, Barry N. Malzberg, Terry Carr, Evelyn Lief, David Kerr, John Heidenry, Josephine Saxton, Bernard Wolfe, Richard Hill, Dean Koontz, James Sallis, Ross Rocklynne, Ray Bradbury, Thomas M. Disch, James Tiptree Jr.


1 self-indulgent foreword, 46 author introductions, and 46 stories later… Being able to mark this book as “read” is one of my greatest accomplishments of the year.

A,DV is a mine packed with diamonds varying in quality, but it has such a good turnout that the curator of these treasures (Harlan Ellison, that lucky bastard. May he be partying it up in Hell.) is extremely enviable. Some of the stories (about a generous 1/2 of them, I’d wager) are incredible feats of literature. There are a few duds, but they are so rare and this anthology is so packed with stories that it’s easy to just forget about them and move on to the next enlightened story by one of the many geniuses featured within A,DV. At this point, this heinously long collection of brilliant stories has pulled me out of a couple of serious reading slumps and pumped me back up with the juice of weird, wacky, controversial fiction writing.

Three cheers to this beautiful behemoth, my final book of 2021!

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