A review by brendaclay
Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler


Three years ago, Hudson Avery, rising figure skating star, gave up the ultimate big break after discovering that her dad was cheating on her mom. Since her parents split, she's helped her mom at their family diner, creating one fantastic cupcake after another and trying to forget the old days. Then a letter arrives inviting her to a skating competition with a huge scholarship prize. Seizing her only chance to get out of her dead-end small town, she starts skating again in secret. But she's found out by Will, captain of the hockey team, and his friend Josh. The team hasn't had a winning record in years and is facing disbandment, and they want her to share her ice-queen secrets with their players. As she works to regain what she's lost in the midst of her current crazy life, Hudson finds that what she thought she wanted may not be what's right for her after all.

This book felt really real. I especially enjoyed the sweet relationship between Hudson and her younger brother. And Josh is pretty dreamy. :)