A review by koalathebear
Abhorsen by Garth Nix


Gah. Abhorsen is sooooooooo good. I might even go so far as to say it's the best in the series..... No matters how many tinems I read this book, I am still in suspense and extremely stressed towards the end of the book when they are having their final battle with the Dead. So gripping.

Abhorsen is the third in the Old Kingdom series and is not a stand alone novel. You have to have at least read Lirael before you read it. It continues on directly from Lirael so although you probably don't need to have read Sabriel (although eee! eee! eee! but you should! :), it won't make sense if you haven't read Lirael.

In Abhorsen we come to a very pivotal and dramatic struggle between life and death. The battle in Sabriel was frightening and creepy but the battle in Abhorsen is terrifying and very large in its scale.

As I've mentioned, Abhorsen is the title given to the people who have the task of keeping the living safe from the malevolent Dead who don't want to stay dead .....

Death itself is also a physical place divided into nine precincts, the Ninth Gate being the final gate through which a spirit must pass. My only problem with the Old Kingdom books is that it makes death look like it's always bad. Is there no such thing as a peaceful afterlife in the Old Kingdom? :)