A review by monkeyontherooftop
Babel: An Arcane History by R.F. Kuang

adventurous emotional reflective sad tense fast-paced


I would give it a 100 starts if I could. BABEL is an amazing work of art. 
It reminded me of all the young freedom fighter during the British colonial time in India. The fire with which a group fo young people fight a mammoth of an empire was so well executed... A lot of the topic discussed and played out in the book hit close to home for me. Reminded of Bhagat Singh and his two freinds Sukhdev Thapan and Shivaram Raujuru who were hanged to death at a very young age by the British empire. 
Wonderful work of fiction with amazing symbolism to reflect things that actually happened less than 100 years ago... Please give this book a read.