A review by chrissireads
Haunt Me by Liz Kessler


I thoroughly enjoyed Liz Kessler’s book Read Me Like A Book, so when I had the opportunity to read Haunt Me, I didn’t think twice. I actually preferred Haunt Me. I thought it was a highly engaging story which I didn’t want to put down. There are some people that might find this book a little too sweet, but it really does have some depth within it. It’s not just about the romance.

Haunt Me centres around Erin and Joe. Joe wakes up and is surprised to find that he has died, he is stuck in his old bedroom watching from the window as his brother, Olly, and his parents move away. Erin moves into Joe’s house. Erin has been suffering from bullying and anxiety. Her family have moved in order to start afresh. Erin manages to see Joe and they begin to fall for one another. Erin bumps into Olly at school and makes the connection between them both. Erin is stuck between two brothers and has to make a choice. The choice is between a ghost and someone that’s living. It seems obvious to Erin to go for Olly, but Joe warns her off when he tells her something very worrying…

This book deals with so many challenging themes. There’s bullying, drug abuyse, suicide, grief… to name a few. None of the characters are in a good place. As a reader, we get to experience their struggles as they try to make a fresh start. It’s a sweet read because there is so much focus on the relationships. The relationships are never easy and
hard decisions have to be made.

I thoroughly enjoyed Haunt Me and think it’ll interest many fans of the YA genre!