A review by pussreboots
Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud


Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud part of Simon and Schuster's Romantic Comedy series of novels. London Abrams loves volley ball and wants nothing more than to attend a volley ball summer camp. It's unfortunately a bit pricey and her parents have said no. She's decided she'll do what it takes to earn the money herself — even if it means entering a local modeling contest!

Mixed into this equation is a cute boy, Brent St. John, who is an amateur photographer and part of the contest. Part of her inspiration to enter the contest is her crush on Brent.

The plot is a bit formulaic — more so than I found Animal Attraction by Jamie Ponti. The situation — working in a boutique / modeling is a bit of a cliché. As it's been done so many times, Perfect Shot has to work a lot harder to stand out.