A review by crookedtreehouse
Immortal Hulk, Vol. 1: Or is he Both? by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett


The first four issues of thie collection are a five star book. Along with Planet Hulk, and Totally Awesome Hulk, I would recommend it as a perfect starting point for a Hulk story for people who usually hate Hulk stories. It's well told, an interesting spin on the character, and the art is phenomenal.

Unfortunately, there's a reveal in issue five, and it's Terrible. It's uninspired, it's stupid, it detracts from the four previous issues, and it completely changes the tone of the title. I thought I had found a new ongoing series to follow, but, alas, I shall keep this volume on my shelf and not buy the next one.

I guess if you're a Hulk fan, you *might* enjoy the "twist". Or, if you're really into trite psychobabble, you might find the reveal interesting. I'll continue to wish the fifth issue never happened.