A review by a_ab
Hunting Hour by Margaret Mizushima


With this book, unfortunately, the series starts to falter.

The biggest problem: The veterinarian doctor's character has been set up as potential romantic interest since the first book, but here, unfortunately, he is "developed" into a very unpleasant person incapable of empathy, affection or just basic human decency, making the beginning of the previously telegraphed romantic relationship a rather disgusting trainwreck. The heroine who had finally started therapy and a slow recovery from her traumatic past, definitely doesn't deserve this immediate setback. This development, unfortunately, overshadows and colors the rest of the book because of the intense focus the vet doctor and his family get in this story.

The story itself was very manipulatively intense and overly dramatic. Much more so than the previous books. It was also weird that the main character gets progressively worse professionally instead of better.

I might give the series another chance, but I am getting wary at this point.