A review by shelleyd
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


I’ve been binging the show for the first time, so I wanted to see what the differences were in the book, despite having read all the details on Wikipedia. But just like the first few seasons of the show aren’t for me (hard to relate to petty high school drama when you’re 10+ years out of high school), this book version of the characters and drama definitely isn’t for me either. Plus the real differences seem like they won’t come in till significantly later? Not worth continuing the book series for me, I’ll stick to reading the wiki pages instead.

Also, it’s hard enough to get past it in the show, but why is everything so sexualized with these teenage girls who are, ya know, UNDERAGE? And I don’t mean by boys their own age. I mean by every single creep who is over 20 and preying on these girls. Does no one care that this is literally illegal????