A review by peggyemi
Delirious by Marie Force


As a fan of this series from the beginning I was very interested to see how Kristian and Aileen's story was going to unfold. I have to say I was definitely not disappointed. This was a one day read for me because I just couldn't put it down. Aileen is such a strong, joyful woman who appreciates all she has because she is a cancer survivor. Kristian is a broody, intense and perhaps a bit emotionally damaged due to his childhood and what he had to do to survive. This is a beautiful, emotional story of healing as two survivor's who find love in one another. It is a great mixture of sweet romantic moments, emotional reveals and some incredibly hot scenes. All your favorite Quantum characters are back and you will fall in love with Aileen's sweet children Logan and Maddie. I really enjoyed this book and am hopeful there will be at least one or two more in the series. I would really like to see both Emmett and Marlowe find their own loves.