A review by katebrarian
The A.I. Chronicles by Ellen Campbell, Sam Best, Peter Cawdron, Patrice Fitzgerald, Logan Thomas Snyder, E.E. Giorgi, Susan Kaye Quinn, Samuel Peralta, Julie E. Czerneda, Angela Cavanaugh, David Simpson, Chrystalla Thoma, Pavarti K. Tyler, A.K. Meek, Alex Albrinck


Another solid edition of the future chronicles. There was one story in there about a girl deemed socially overweight who pines for cake...I feel like it had the right general idea behind it and yet was really weak in its "overweight girl can think of nothing but cake" angle. Otherwise, lots of great stories.

I always mean to write a little blurb at least about the stories I really liked, but then it just took me so long to even get to writing the review so I'll try and get back to it one day...