A review by trish204
Black Road, Volume 1: The Holy North by Garry Brown, Brian Wood, Dave McCaig


I only discovered this because of Brian Wood who also created Northlanders, one of my favourite comics series. This, too, is about what is nowadays known as Scandinavia, the Vikings living there and what their lives were like.

The book is about the time the Christian Church took over and either burnt or enslaved all pagans in their way. It's also about Magnus the Black, a Viking who doesn't declare himself for either side of the war. He lost his wife and is now wandering the landscape, doing the odd job here and there for money. He's a tall fellow too, with lots of things having happened to him in the past.
Someone hires Magnus to take a Cardinal up north on the so-called Black Road, but they are being ambushed and the Cardinal killed. Apparently, Magnus has another beef with those men (it's not entirely clear yet) and swears vengeance.

This first volume was a nice introduction to the time and place of this story, with multiple battlegrounds, blood, gore, even (which is always surprising in American media) complete nudity, as well as gritty but cool art.

(They might not have been drawn completely realistically, but I LOVED these wolves!)

I was dreading the end of the aforementioned Northlanders series, which is why I didn't read all volumes one after the other, but this could be a worthy substitute. The story isn't quite up to the magnificent quality of the Sven story yet, but we had enough action and mystery and different places which made for a very nice introduction. *wants next volume*