A review by akshaya07
The American Roommate Experiment, by Elena Armas


Okay, before I start my review, this is coming from a person who loved Spanish Love Deception. I know so many people hate that book, and after reading this book, I am doubting my past self for giving it such high rates. I had so much fun reading that book and expected that from this one too. 

Here is the thing. I think Elena Armas is a great author. She has the potential to tell great stories. But I don't know what happened with this one. It's like all the tropes in the romance world were put into one book. And I felt Spanish Love Deception was cheesy too, but it was the right amount of cheesiness for me. But this one! Hell no. Some of the scenes were so cheesy and made me embarrassed lol. I didn't even want to continue this book till the end. I didn't enjoy any of the smut scenes. The whole book was annoying, and I was constantly rolling my eyes. I hate to write rant reviews because I write for a living myself, and even though it's not books, I still understand the difficulty writers face to come up with ideas. So I appreciate every story that exists in this world. I might read the author's books in the future, but this one was not good.