A review by tfail24
Delirious by Marie Force


I absolutely love this series and all of the Quantum characters. After we have been through so much with all of them, they feel like family to me and I hate to see this series end.

I have been looking forward to Aileen and Kristian's story and it didn't disappoint me. It broke my heart for everything that Kristian went through at such a young age, but it broke it more that he has held all of that in for so long. He doesn't think he deserves something as good as Aileen and her children, but she stands up to him and for him.

Aileen had also been through a lot and she is determined not to waste a day worrying about what could happen. She wants to live life at it's fullest and don't want to have any regrets about what could have been. They agree it take it one day at a time, but after spending time with her, Kristian is hooked.

I loved seeing them together and loved how their story ended.