A review by geofroggatt
Blue Is for Nightmares by Laurie Faria Stolarz


Stacey Brown, a 16-year-old Junior at Hillcrest Boarding School, is a hereditary folk magic practitioner through her grandmother. Stacey wants to have a normal high school experience, but all that is hindered when she starts having terrifying nightmares about the death of her best friend and roommate, Drea. It is not the first time she's had these prophetic nightmares. 3 years ago, a girl she used to babysit, Maura, was murdered. Stacey had ignored her nightmares about the young girl's death and then Maura was killed, now she is having those strange dreams again. This was a decent book that got me back into reading when I was younger. I found the depiction of Wicca to be a bit misinformed, but I don’t remember it being clearly explained whether Stacey is a true witch or just a practitioner of magic. I liked the psychic dream sequences and the mysterious atmosphere of this book. I recommend it for younger readers who like mysteries with a supernatural touch.