A review by narniaxisxhome
Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler


If you're looking for a quirky, cute, light read, look somewhere else. Despite it's premise of "the twenty boy summer", a different boy for each day on the beach that makes it seem cute and fun, this book is dark at times, depressing, and yet totally redeeming. (And, to clarify, it is cute and fun at moments, just mostly not.) It made me want to cry at times. It so fast paced and I loved every single page!

The characters. Frankie is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. She has such a great and unique personality, like mispronouncing "big" words. She was just so adorable and one of the many things that made me love this book.

One of the things I didn't really like was that Anna and Sam's relationship seemed totally rushed. Maybe if they had hung out as friends a few days before BAM! it hit her that she likes him, instead of just liking him on site. After all her talk of Matt and throughout the whole book feeling like she was making a mistake because of Matt, this was just so rushed. And, maybe she didn't have to tell Sam about Matt, but if she had just said, "I'm broken, I'm not going to open up right away," then I probably would have liked their relationship better.

Overall though, this was a book that tugged at my heart and I totally recommend it a million times over! It is so well-written and heartbreaking! Definitely a book to read more than once!