A review by tezzarudge
Siren & Scion by J.D. Evans


Raced through this one, in a few days
Actually think this is my favourite from the series thus far, even if some others suggest otherwise.

What I really admire about this one and the author themselves is they moved away from the previously winning formula and experimented with a new part of the world and threw in a lot more actions with consequences.

I think it's brave to move away from a tried and tested approach but also it breathed a whole new layer of the world and story into the series.

The romance was less hot and heavy here but the meaninful actions and wider story are enhanced in this novel.

As before the dialogue is brilliant and this remains the best part of this series and the authors style. I did also really enjoy how the secondary characters were more fleshed out in this one.

Guess I better get to the prequel now!