A review by philippmk
Aquaman: The Becoming by Brandon Thomas

adventurous emotional medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? N/A
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


I enjoyed learning more about Jackson and his relationship to the underwater-world, although I usually prefer this cast of characters interacting with the surface world [insert 'fish out of water' joke]. The main plot of this book involves political drama, which is not my usual cup of tea, but I think this book managed to tell a compelling story about freedom, power, and its abuse.

Where the story is strongest however, is with its inter-personal relationships. Though Jackson's relationship to his...boyfriend? Lover? felt a little unclear to me, i.e., how well they really know each other, his relationship ot his family, both biological and found, was what carried this book.

Though the art style in this book is not my personal favourite, I did enjoy the action sequences and the depiction of water-manipulation.

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