A review by roseybot
Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce


I don't love Numair -- this is just a general fact. I didn't love him in the Daine books. I wasn't a fan of him in the Circle of Magic books (oh wait that was a totally different very tall mage with dark hair who is a total master and knows all about 'different' magic). This book didn't really change it.

I think it's also a problem of prequels and feeling very constrained in the stories. Also I just reread all of the books and am like "Numair specially said he wasn't good at Healing and yet, here he is, spending all his time learning to be a healer". It feels like Tamora Pierce just let herself go and did what she liked.

That being said, this wasn't bad. I will read the next one happily (here's to hoping we get it!). It just... met expectations given I don't like the main character, and also we know that the other two primary characters are portrayed... quite poorly when they show up again.