A review by anjumstar
Proposal by Meg Cabot


This book was a slow start. Which is disappointing for a novella; you'd think that it would jump into the action really quickly. Unfortunately, every book in this series starts with the same bit of exposition explaining Suze's background. A part of me is grateful for that, because I did start reading this series on book 4 and didn't even realize it because of that seamless start. However, I don't love it when series do that. If I missed a book, then that's on me, and I'd like to know that I'm in the middle of a series and not the beginning. I don't want to read exposition in every book. Especially in a novella.

Once we got past the slow part, I really enjoyed this book. It's just that the slow part was about half of the book. But at under 100 mini pages, I can't be too mad either way. I didn't think that Suze seemed to have aged very much, but the writing definitely was a little more mature, which I was very grateful for. Rereading the old series is hard because of how young the writing is so I was thrilled that this novella didn't have that problem. Overall, if you liked the series, you will like this, and it isn't a problem not to have read the series in a long time.