A review by elentarien
The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel


Really enjoyed this book. Short - but then most books of this level do seem short to a fast reader. :)

I loved the fact that the story took place in Canada. . . and apparently in the same 'world' as the Airborn series. (Guess based off the fact that "Lionsgate City" was mentioned several times and also featured in the Airborn series)I suppose that should have warned me that the 'supernatural' stuff might be more real. Strange creatures in Airborn, and apparently, in this one sasquatches and the like are real. Which is kind of cool. :)

The only thing I really did not like was the 'present tense' narration style. I really dislike the oddness this creates in reading and it seems to break the immersion at times when one is suddenly jarred out of the story because its 'now', not 'then'. But I suppose thats a personal preference. . .and at least the author stuck with it and did not keep switching around throughout the story.

All in all, this was an exciting, fun read, and I would not mind reading more about this boy, the train. . .and the circus girl. :)