A review by jaodriscoll
Miami Noir, by Tom Corcoran, David Beaty, Jeffrey Wehr, James W. Hall, John Bond, Barbara Parker, Anthony Dale Gagliano, George Tucker, Kevin Allen, Vicki Hendricks, John Dufresne, Paul Levine, Carolina Garcia-Aguilara, Christine Kling, Lynne Barrett, Preston Allen, Les Standiford

About 5 good stories I liked

Standouts were (badly summarized by me)

Boozeanne, Lemme Be by Vicki Hendricks, a story of a sad squatter who found love and lost it all.
Ride Along by James Hall, a story that felt like Barry but is very much not Barry in a disturbing way. Glad they opened with this one, because there's a serious gap between this one and the rest of the stories I liked.
The Noir Boudoir by Lynne Barrett, the fantastic story of an antiquer ex-cop and an old starlet's estate.
Machete by Barbara Parker, a fun little whodunit with some supernatural flair.
T-Bird by John Bond that's a bit of a poker-themed twist on Double Indemnity. Not perfectly executed, but I liked the idea and the poker metaphors were fun.