A review by thoroughlymodernreviewer
Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars by Mark Gatiss



I have a soft spot for this story. Sure, it takes ages for the plot to really start coming together, most of the American accents are terrible, there’s simultaneously too much going on and not enough happening, and the story kind of wastes both Orson Welles and his infamous “War of the Worlds” broadcast until the last minute. But it’s still a really fun romp that pays glorious homage to the radio serials of yesteryear. It’s hard to complain when you’ve got 1930s gangsters and invading aliens all tied together by an almost tongue-in-cheek pastiche of old detective stories. Paul McGann delights as always, though India Fisher isn’t given nearly enough to do.

On the whole, it’s a fairly short, fast paced romp that’s well worth a listen.