A review by sabireads84
Eve's Rib by C.S. O’Cinneide


3,5 ⭐️

Thank you NetGalley , C.S.O’Cinneide and Dundurn Press for providing me with an advance copy of “Eve’s Rib”, in exchange for my honest opinion.

The cover. A black raven, blue background. It’s creepy, looming doom. I was wondering in the beginning what that will tell me about the story.

The story is told from three perspectives, Eve, her husband Richard and their teenage daughter Abbey.

This book has a touch of dark magic. Eve struggled to get pregnant and turned for help to the Ragman. Fast forward 18 or so years, she feels highly protective of Abbey, as she is not like other daughters. On top of that they lost their young son Michael in a tragic accident. Now the family is at a standstill. They live their lives, but not together. Eve is grieving, Richard has an affair and Abbey seems cool like a cucumber. Until people around her get hurt. Does she have powers like her mother? Is that all the revenge for using dark magic to conceive Abbey? Read and find out!

I did like the touch of dark magic, the book has a kind of gothic, domestic noir thriller feel to it. I found the beginning rather slow, reading thought the first quarter, waiting for something to happen. If you like the slow burn style, this one is for you.
I would have liked a trigger warning, as I seriously hate to read about the death of animals. Can’t do it.

Other than that, read the book in one sitting as it got better and better toward the end!