A review by carissa230
Immunity by Taylor Antrim


In a not so distant future, there is a break out of TX aka the Texas Flu. It is highly deadly and highly contagious. There is no cure for it once you have it you go to quarantine to die.

Catherine Duvall is a socialite with absolutely nothing going for her. She has zero personality, and zero friends which makes her the perfect idiot to test an implant that makes you immune to TX. It also has tracking capabilities of some sort and it paralyzes you if you get TX or if someone breaks into your back and tries to take it out (not really explained that well).

Her mother was a rich woman that did nothing and therefore Catherine did nothing (apparently trying to impress her mother). They of course partied and wasted all their money but offered nothing.

There is also the story of the rich people that can pay a company called Pursuit to get anything they want. Even if they want to shoot people with plastic bullets, to injure only, that is no problem (this would have made a better story I think).

I almost forgot to mention the fact that she could not be friends with a man without having to sleep with him. Mercer is oh everything will be fine don't worry...and then we had sex. (He is only sleeping with you so you will quit your bitching, idiot!) Then she sleeps with Laird because they were alone together for a while. Not to mention that both of these men were sleeping with her friend Frances before she came along.

Catherine was terrible Mercer was terrible, and the ending was absolutely pointless.