A review by laurenjodi
Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris


Grave Sight
4 Stars

Harper Connelly has the unique ability to sense not only the whereabout of human remains, but also the cause of death. Together with her stepbrother/business manager, Tolliver Lang, Harper travels to Sarne Alabama at the request of a grieving mother desperate to locate the body of the young woman her deceased son is accused of killing in a murder/suicide. However, this seemingly simple case takes a dangerous turn when Harper becomes the target of someone determined to keep the truth buried...

Charlaine Harris’s cozy mysteries are rapidly becoming addictive. Harris is a master at characterization and is exceptionally skilled at capturing the essence of small town life (although not everyone is Sarne is as open and accepting of Harper’s differences).

Harper's dry, matter of fact personality and intriguing abilities make her a very appealing heroine. She and Tolliver have an interesting dynamic as they share a closeness not usually found in non-biological siblings, and there is a certain amount of subtle sexual tension between the two that they are apparently not yet ready to confront.

The who-done-it is well written with a number of plausible suspects and sufficient clues to figure out the twist before the end. The incorporation of paranormal elements feels natural and adds another layer to the suspense.

Alyssa Bresnahan's narration is well-executed and she relays the dry wit and stoicism inherent to Harper's character very well. Looking forward to Harper and Tolliver's further adventures.