A review by godlizza
Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix by Anna-Marie McLemore


So lyrical and pretty. This book is not only an interesting reimagining of The Great Gatsby but is a celebration of queer communities navigating trying times throughout history. We love the cleverness of the title, but it's not just a funny little joke to have Gatsby be a self-made man, both in the financial sense as well as being trans. The book actually looks at how his identity would influence the way he goes about things in New York. The original Gatsby is obsessed with rank, title, and building himself into a version of himself that fits this dreamy vision he has of success. This Gatsby is still that same determined guy, but his reasons for doing things are totally different. His queerness changes it all. I loved the slow, flowering romance between Nick and Gatsby. It was all just so good.