A review by marpesea
Blackbird #1 by Fiona Staples, Sam Humphries, Jen Bartel


This is a beautiful book- the colors are vibrant and oh-so-appealing. The fantasy elements are drawn in a very lovely way.

That said, the story is all over the place. It moves at a breakneck pace and the political intrigue element is not clearly explained. There’s a fantasy world that exists, but it feels very shallow. The back-and-forth between the family members gave me whiplash.

Why can’t her mom come back to her?
Why can’t she be a full paragon? Or rather, why doesn’t her mom want her to be one? A
Why isn’t her sister doing anything to help her?
Why is the evil paragon clan having an orgy near the end?
Why is this cabal even evil?
Why did her mom curse her not-cat?
Why did the police even appear?
Why did her new cabal take her in when it will only make their relationship with her mom’s cabal fraught and probably lead to conflict, which they claim to want to avoid?

I just... it was a very pretty book with a disjointed plot and some interesting ideas that needed to be fleshed out further.