A review by heymama_755
Chef's Kiss, by TJ Alexander


Loved this!
The representation in this book was unreal, and was so nice to see! I appreciated that the focus of this book stretched BEYOND just a typical queer romance. This story features very real and very transphobic and homophobic interactions at work. Ray is incredibly strong and my heart broke for them not being able to be themselves at work. While it was tough to see, it’s absolutely a reality for so many people-do better America!

I loved watching Ray and Simone’s relationship evolve, and Simone’s internal struggles and anxieties. But honestly, I think I loved Simone because I AM Simone. From the overachieving to the anxiety, the struggle to do the right thing and the internalized biphobia-I felt extremely seen, it was almost scary.

I always love a book found family, and the one in the book was no exception-they had each other’s back and were truly a source of support for one another. My only “complaint” (if you can even call it that) is that I wanted more. I felt like the book ended too soon!