A review by the_bibliophile_pile
The Secret Girl by C.M. Stunich


Charlotte’s father has accepted a position as headmaster at an all boys school. The school wants to try integrating girls and charlotte is offered a position to attend the school as a trial. Charlotte decides to move from California to Connecticut with her father, but does so as a boy. She cuts her hair off, binds her boobs and dresses in baggy clothes and calls herself Chuck so that no one will know her secret. Once she arrives she keeps herself separated from the other students unwilling to interact which makes her a target for bullies - the school council members no less. She stumbles across an abandoned dorm building and discovers she was not the first girl to attend Adamson Academy - and the last one was murdered 10 years ago. She starts to investigate and finds herself being chased by knife wielding men and finding threatening notes left for her. Along the way the student council members start uncovering her secret.

I loved this book, and was drawn in from the get go. I was a little bit confused at the start by charlottes father, because at the very start he gives Charlotte the chance to go back to California but then very quickly changes tune and seems like he is forcing her to stay so I was stuck on that for awhile. The book ends on a cliffhanger and I am dying to read on and find out what happens.