A review by billyjepma
Home Sick Pilots, Vol. 2: I Wanna Be A Walking Weapon by Dan Watters

adventurous dark medium-paced


Look, if you put a comic in front of me that marries Pacific Rim with The Conjuring movies, I'm gonna enjoy myself. This series is still stronger in theory than execution, but I appreciate the growth. We get a bit more introspection from the characters, a few more threads to invest in, and Wijngaard's art continues to kick ass. We get less action in this volume, which is a bummer, especially considering the abrupt ending, but I liked seeing how colorful and expressive Wijngaard illustrated the quieter moments.

Watters' script is a little too loose for my tastes, and his character development comes off as rushed, but his plot is solid and steals from all the right kinds of places. The world of Home Sick Pilots is a fun one with a sleek balance of terror, rage, and punk-rock mech-battles. It rules, and there's enough stuff going on in these first two volumes to keep me on board.

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