A review by beccainabook
Blood of a Thousand Stars by Rhoda Belleza


So I was hoping this book series would get better, the book world would be better explained, and I would bond with more of the characters.... This didn’t happen and I am actually quite angry at what did occur. I mean what the actual heck? I’m actually angry enough to spit. I feel like the author just abandoned Rhee, her main character, and replaced her with her sister and I just can’t handle it.

Kara is my least favorite character. She is a coward, a brat, and probably the worst sister ever. I don’t care about her in the least or her stupid relationship with Aly. Her point of view was a VERY unwelcome addition to the sequel for me and I don’t care how petty this makes me. I already bonded with Rhee, I felt like I was cheating on her when I was reading Kara’s chapters. I felt like Rhee was honestly jipped in all ways possible and I AM NOT OKAY!!!!

Rhee did EVERYTHING she could and I just felt like everyone and everything was against her. It was almost like she was the anti-hero and she didn’t do anything wrong. It all just made me so angry and this book and its author killed all my hopes and dreams for the series. That epilogue was honestly a joke and I would rather block it out.

Overall, this book was not AT ALL what I wanted and I don’t understand why the author did this to me....