A review by horizonous
Carrie Soto Is Back, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Did not finish book. Stopped at 29%.
Not only was I bored reading this, I also don't understand the set-up for the story. Maybe later on it gets more clear why Carrie Soto is so obsessed with being the BEST, but up until this point she just seems like a very one-dimensional character. A tennis machine with nothing going for her otherwise. All she does is train, train, train, complain to everyone around her that she HAS to be the best, that she DESERVES to be the best, because she puts in all this work. So much so she has to come out of retirement after seven years because a younger (equally hard-working) player will probably break her Grand Slam record very soon. On top of that Carrie is incredibly rude to EVERYONE.I do get a healthy amount of rivalry in sports is necessary, but this isn't it. I don't understand how people see Carrie Soto as a "strong woman". To me this has nothing to do with empowerment, feminism or being witty anymore, it's just arrogance and rudeness.
And then there's all of the tennis talk. I played tennis myself, I understand the game. I much rather watch it then read about minutely detailed training sessions or match rallys.

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