A review by pwbalto
Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron


The Munsters meets Tom Sawyer in this fast and funny picaresque about finding your own way while learning to accept responsibility. Boy has inherited his father's size and strength and his mom's technical skills - even without sharing any of either of their genetic material, created as he was out of parts stolen from the morgue. He and his folks live with a motley coven of other monsters (vampire, brownie, werewolf, a couple of ogres, troop of trolls etc) under a Broadway theater, never coming out in the light of day. But when Boy realizes he can pass for human- albeit a human horribly injured in a tragic thresher accident - he impetuously decides to take off.

His adventures, the creatures he meets, the unbalanced sentient computer virus he created pretty much just to see if he could, and his own observations of our world come together in a book that is original, tender, crass, and inventive.