A review by jessicasbookjourney
Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman


I am known to love a good thriller… however, Tell Me Everything was not your typical Gone Girl or Girl on the Train type thriller. This book was so different but in such a good way!

The story is told from the perspective of the main character, Malin. Switching between Malin’s childhood, her freshman year of college, and various points in her senior year (leading up to the infamous Senior Day). To really understand Malin, we need to go back to her childhood.

Brockman did a fantastic job of laying out little clues to Malin’s childhood, but pulling us so deep into desire to know what exactly happened and what exactly is her “condition” that makes her such an introvert. I had predictions, but not a single one of them was correct.

Brockman shared a twisted story while incorporating friendship (or lack thereof), family dynamics, and psychological disorders. I haven’t ever been so drawn to a thriller and more work from an author, as I am after reading Tell Me Everything. Cambria Brockman’s debut novel has earned her a five out of five-star rating from me.