A review by clayslibrary
Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin


Let me start by saying as a trans, queer individual I love that books about trans/non-binary youth exist. However, this book is by and for cis, straight people. I can’t help but feel like these young people’s stories have been exploited. Deadnaming, misgendering, stereotyping, printing photos of youth pretransition, I get that these youth I believe were of consenting age, but it’s uncomfortable that she is making money off their vulnerability. I don’t think this book progresses anything much. I get that it was published in 2014 by a cis woman born in 1941, but seriously there’s a lot of misleading stuff. I would not recommend this to anyone who hasn’t already been educated about gender theory. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it at all. But to the youth who bravely shared their stories and thoughts, thank you. 

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