A review by crystalisreading
Feral Nights by Cynthia Leitich Smith


This is a cute, funny, fast-paced read. There was nothing urgent about it; I wasn't dying to finish it or know what happened. and I never felt like any of the characters were in danger. But it was fun and lighthearted and young. It reminded me of a better written Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (both authors are Texan--coincidence?), except with a very complicated were-animal hierarchy instead of demi-gods and gods. Were-armadillos and -opposums felt a bit far fetched, but didn't significantly detract from the story. After reading heavy YA, like the His Dark Assassin and Girl of Fire and Thorns series, this was almost startling in its light-heartedness, but probably a healthy change of pace. I'm not dying to read the second book in the series, or the prequel series, but I do think I'll read them eventually, next time I need a fun and easy read.