A review by dairyqueen84
Feral Nights by Cynthia Leitich Smith


This companion novel to the Tantalize quartet reintroduces supporting characters from the earlier novels now in leading roles, werecat Yoshi, human Aimee, and werepossum Clyde. Yoshi comes to Austin, Texas to find his sister Ruby, who he learns is wanted for murdering Travis, a werearmadillo, by the police, as well as by Clyde and Aimee, who were close friends with him. Aimee and Clyde want to avenge Travis’s death. Clyde has a crush on Aimee and Aimee crushes on ladies-werecat Yoshi. Told in alternating chapters by each of the trio, Yoshi convinces Aimee and Clyde that Ruby had nothing to do with the murder and they follow clues to find out where she is when they are ambushed and kidnapped. They are brought to a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific where the shapeshifters will be hunted by wealthy people who pay a lot for the privilege and Aimee will serve the Yeti-like sentient creatures that run the “Homo deific” enterprise. Aimee and the other kidnapped workers repeat a mantra in English or Spanish: “Every day, in every way I will contribute to the profit margin of Homo deific.” The satisfying climax resolves some of the aforementioned issues and Clyde discovers something interesting about himself that helps save them. The character development is strong and the dialogue is sharp and funny which will draw in fans of this new series.